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The Price of Gas  How Far? How Long?

Whether you are a fleet manager, head of purchasing / fleet operations or a corporate CFO with a fleet, these two questions are always on your mind.

  • With gasoline prices rising, you worry about what they will go up to and when, and how to budget for and stretch your fuel spend dollars.
  • With gasoline prices falling, you worry about when they’ll go back up and how to fuel all those trucks and vans you just bought.

Isn’t there something you can do now to prepare for the inevitable change in gas prices?

The ENRG Power System ® is that solution you’ve been looking for. An advanced technology ignition system, specifically designed for your heavy-load light- and medium-duty trucks. The heavier your work application or load, the better it works. Increasing V-8 and V-10 engine fuel economy by 10-14%. Easy to install,road-tested, lab-proven. Ready now for your trial evaluation.

You don’t want to risk your trucks with unproven technology, nor be caught unprepared for the inevitable rise in gas prices. We want the same thing as you – perfect confidence in our system before you commit to mass purchases. Let us work with you on a one-off trial installation ... because we want you to be ready.

Learn more about how our system works and contact us to see about a trial installation.