About Us

ENRG Power Systems LLC

A Michigan company, born in Detroit and now headquartered in Grand Rapids. Since 2010 we have established ourselves as a dynamic presence both nationally and within the state of Michigan for our clean technology and entrepreneurial landscapes. We have been recognized by:

CleanTech Open Incubator and Business Plan Competition

  • 2012 National Semi-Finalist Selection and 2011 National Semi-Finalist /North Central Region Semi-Finalist

Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

  • 2011 and 2010 Sector Award Winner

Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition

  • 2012 Finalist, Chicago Regional


Leveraging technology partnerships in the USA(New York) and Canada, we have:

  • Realized commercial-customer and research-customer installations in the state of Michigan
  • Received private equity support in both California and Michigan
  • Been awarded commercialization funding support from the State of Michigan
  • Introduced our system to fleet customers in national conventions in both Knoxville and St.Louis


Keys to the company’s success and accomplishments have been its leadership, relationships across the state of Michigan, and the support of its technology partners.


Milton Roye

Milton Roye, President and CEO of ENRG PowerSystems LLC, is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT,S.B., Mechanical Engineering) and Harvard Business School (HBS, MBA). 

A 30-year veteran of the automotive industry, Roye has been a part of, or led, the executive leadership team in eight (8) start-ups and/or turnarounds – all centered around cutting-edge product technologies, and new market development and implementation. With expertise in Sales/Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Program Management and Strategy, Roye has held executive-level positions with US companies ranging from start-ups to General Motors Corporation and Delphi Automotive. His international experience includes executive positions with companies headquartered in Switzerland and in India.  


Roye has served on the Board of Trustees (The Corporation) of MIT, and held positions on the Corporation Oversight (Visiting) Committees for the MIT Departments of Mechanical Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering; and Nuclear Science & Engineering.


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Technology Partners Support

The globally-patented breakthroughs behind the ENRG Power System® were developed by our technology partners in Canada. With extensive backgrounds in nuclear science, automotive systems testing, aerospace systems design, and automotive performance systems, our two Canadian principals have over 50 years combined automotive, engine development and performance vehicle experience.  


For the last decade the science and technologies behind the Tri-Phase system have been deployed in Canadian research labs, on the test track, and on production street vehicles. University teams using this performance-enhancing ignition technology have won and taken 2nd place (out of 120 entrants) in their two Formula SAE fuel economy performance competitions. To date this system has been installed in over 60 vehicles. Patents for this innovative technology have been filed in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China and South Korea.