The ENRG Power System® is an extremely sophisticated Tri-Phase ignition system, with capabilities and performance far beyond that of factory-installed or aftermarket spark ignition systems. Consisting of eight spark coil packs, two electronic system control modules, brackets and harnesses for a V-8 engine configuration, the ENRG Power System® is easy to install and provides lasting improvement to gasoline, E-85, CNG and LPG engine vehicles. Performance improvement is impressive – fuel economy improvement of 10-14%, with a simultaneous horsepower increase of nearly 5%.

How does it work?

Since their invention in 1910, all internal combustion engine spark ignition systems have followed the same process to combust their fuel/air mixture:

1.    Creation of a spark to initiate the fuel combustion process;

2.    Sustained ignition to propagate the resulting flame front across the fuel/air mixture; and

3.    Generation of a superfluous ionization or plasma field around the spark plugs, an unavoidable   

       by-product of the spark-creation process.  


Factory-installed and aftermarket ignition systems operate as Bi-Phase systems, using an unshaped spark pulse to initiate combustion, and between one and several fixed-duration pulses to enhance the flame front. The incidental ionization field is ignored.


As a Tri-Phase system, the ENRG Power System® uses sophisticated electronics and proprietary software to modify, shape and actively control all three phases of the combustion process. This spark shaping and ionization management process ensures more complete combustion of the fuel/air mixture. During each combustion cycle, characteristics of Bi-Phase vs. Tri-Phase ignition are:

Ignition SystemConventional Spark Ignition ENRG Power System ®
 Phase Description Bi-Phase Tri-Phase
 Combustion Initiation
Single un-shaped spark pulse Precisely shaped spark pulse
 Flame Propagation

Singular spark pulses, limited by RPM

Multiple (up to 50) spark pulses, with duration and amplitude variable with RPM
 Ionization FieldIncidental and residual, unusedControlled and managed to increase flame front propagation across the entire fuel/air mixture

By controlling the combustion process, the ENRG Power System® creates more efficient engine performance, resulting in more complete fuel combustion, better acceleration and improved overall fuel economy. The test results summarize and display some of the data underlying our performance numbers.

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